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Rex Tan’s passion for real estate extended beyond just homes and helping clients. After some time in the industry, he observed how there was a huge lack of mentorship and synergy between fellow agents. There were reserves of potential growth for everyone if only there was a culture of cohesiveness; once Rex realised this, he sought to become the catalyst for this change. 

With this in mind, RTD was concepted in 2010. Its main agenda was to help agents enhance their acumen, fulfil their personal goals and hence, be able to provide a better quality of life for their loved ones.

RTD only began its team building in 2013, after the core members were confident in their own abilities. In order for them to lead effectively and impart proven methods of excellence to new members, they first had to be proficient and capable themselves. Perfecting their formula for achieving a consistent and substantial income flow opened a new chapter: Now, they could conduct training sessions to duplicate success. 

The results of their technique spoke volumes about its efficacy, and among peers, RTD’s renowned reputation commanded increasing interest. Slowly yet steadily, its numbers soared without any aggressive recruiting.

Sharing is deeply conflated with RTD’s identity and central to its proliferation. Unlike traditional team structures, there is no hierarchy nor exclusivity– members are free to learn from all leaders. On top of that, everyone is eligible to be part of a shared training platform spearheaded by the group’s exemplars. Rex has always been a staunch believer of how a whole is stronger than the sum of its parts, an ideology reflected in his team’s powerful and uplifting community spirit.

Yearly, Huttons Top Rookie comes from RTD, owed to its family-esque practice of ensuring quality time and effort are put into nurturing every new associate. This process is vital as other than getting their initial bearings right, this sets the stage for them to access their potential and work towards a clear goal. Often, those who first join the industry are overwhelmed by the influx of information and are unsure how to position themselves despite their strengths. Hence, having a strong support system of mentorship and guidance to align them accordingly makes all the difference. 

Supplementing this is a technological proficiency that comes second to none. To keep ahead of the curve in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, sales strategies have to be equally as dynamic. RTD recognises this, thus its heavy emphasis on digital marketing and report generation. With that said, the team is constantly building on existing tactics such that they stay relevant to the market and consumer needs regardless of global paradigm shifts. Perpetual innovation is a key factor in RTD’s passage as they aspire to deliver only the best service to their clients which is only made possible via modern, contemporary approaches. 

Aside from value adding within the company, RTD’s mission is to transform the lives of those who engage the help of their agents. Working with indispensable principles of trust and integrity, all associates seek to foster a long-term and genuine bond with their clients that stands steadfast over the span of time. Skimming the surface with touch and go deals have no place in RTD; many customers enjoy a shared real estate endeavour where together, they traverse lifestyle changes hand in hand to realise various objectives at every stage. Needless to say, they are assured that these are achieved efficiently, accurately, and stress-free.

Results are the best testament, so if you’re an agent looking to join an encouraging team that focuses on your development, or if you would like to reach the next milestone in your property journey, look no further. 


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