RTD- Training and Courses

Do you want to be a salve for sales, or would you rather be a captain of your own ship. Let us steer you in the right direction!

1-to-1 Mentorship

  • RTD leaders are committed to your success
  • Individual mentorship for guidance in areas of marketing, sales techniques and conversion
  • Essential & Useful Courses + Trainings to help you earn more than $200,000 REALISTICALLY!

RTD Monthly Meeting

  • Sharing on closing techniques by Top achievers who clock in $100,000 commissions monthly
  • Updates on market trending; impact and learn how to leverage on the market sentiments
  • Sharing of unique selling points for projects

RTD 150 Hours Training Platform

If you inspired to be RES

Leap Bootcamp

The goal of the bootcamp is to make you leave your comfort zone and jump into undiscovered territories of realty. That way you will explore other fields of real estate and enrich your knowledge. According to the experience of the users of this bootcamp, that was what gave them the inspiration to increase their sales by developing the right mindset.

Do you want to join the leap bootcamp that can change your career for the better? The registration process has already begun, but there are still several seats left.
If you want to register, please note that you ask for Jolene, the personal assistant of Rex Tan. Make sure to book your spot today!

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