Training Platform

Every successful team in the real estate domain has their unique flair and strategies, fine-tuned over years to establish a proven path to excellence. In RTD, we believe that creating a watertight footing for all our associates to advance from is the most crucial starting point. Although it is very possible to achieve our big dreams of greatness with RTD’s guidance, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 


Even the most acclaimed realtor has to begin from humble foundations! And the stronger this is, the more viable his or her shot to stardom.


RTD’s signature training platform is known as SWAT Training. Information and the best practices are imparted via a top-down route, where our most eminent producers and leaders conduct classes for the rest of RTD. As of date, we have 3 Millionaire Achievers who actively spearhead these seminars. 


This effectively sets us apart from other teams because such a program is very uncommon; in the property sector, distinguished individuals often keep their trade secrets private and see the act of sharing as self-jeopardy. On the contrary, openness and dissemination of knowledge is a requisite element of RTD’s culture. It is an essential trait that has brought us glory both as individuals, and as a team. 



We are happy to let you in on our spectacular closing techniques! All you have to do is ask.


As a newbie, settling in and orienting yourself can be a very daunting process. Hence, RTD places heavy emphasis on integrating you into the flow, and helping you master your basics. We also understand that being exposed to an influx of foreign material at once might be overwhelming and impossible to fully absorb. 


Consequently, to make sure that every bit of information is retained, we record our training sessions in our exclusive application where you can refer to for recaps at any time. On top of that, we splice our videos into bite-sized categories such that you can delve directly into the desired subject, without the hassle of sieving through hours of content. 


Our chat group is also here to help. If you have any queries or uncertainties you need addressed, feel free to ask anything. RTD’s members and trainers are responsive, patient and derive joy from elevating those around them. So, don’t be shy!



Of course, life is a never-ending developmental journey. There is always something new to pick up at every point regardless of where we are at. RTD’s holistic training meets you at your level, where we have courses specifically catered to those at the beginner, novice and advanced tiers. 


Some examples of the taught topics are Digital Marketing for both FB and Adwords, Resale HDB Training, Resale Private Training, New Launch Training, Asset Progression Training, RTD App Advisor Training, among many others. RTD aims to cover all grounds across all skill stages such that we are always mutually adding value to our members and that as a team, we are constantly moving forward together. While we are on a perpetual quest to better our expertise, it is also important that nobody gets left behind. 


We even have the Challenger Program, which is a 12-week on job training activity. Instead of a typical classroom setting, this hands-on project groups trainees into several teams where they have to complete a set of tasks delegated by their leader. Many things can only be obtained from experience, hence after acquiring knowledge from lessons, we bring them on the ground to meet clients so they can practice what they have learned. 


We organise various real estate related campaigns that can bring them a step closer to success. 


After each on-the-job training, we assemble a review for trainees to share their experiences. This helps to build confidence and spot common mistakes made by fellow trainees. Everyone assists each other in detecting blind spots. 

So far, after the implementation of the Challenger Program, we have noticed great improvement in the salesmanship and bonding among trainees. Suffice to say, it’s proven to be a roaring success!

We invite you to join us at RTD, where we work to lift each other up and become the best that we all can be.