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About RTD

RTD is a premium real estate team established in 2007. Situated in Singapore, our team have more than 700 realty consultants. We have more than a decade of experience in resale Private, HDB and project marketing. Our goal is to make it more manageable for our clients to purchase and sell properties both in Singapore and abroad.
Our desire is to become a preferred team of all real estate clients. We tend to do that by providing exceptional services, which we make possible with our super level of dedication and professionalism to every client.

Corporate Overview

Huttons is the leading realty agency in Singapore, but we also have offices worldwide. Our network covers Vietnam (Huttons VNC), Indonesia (Huttons LOT), Cambodia (Huttons CPL), Philippines (Huttons MHY Co Inc), and Malaysia (Huttons One World SDN Bhd). That is only the beginning of our international growth as we plan on expanding to even more countries.

We have been established in 2002 and, ever since day one, we have been dedicating maximum attention to every client. From a modest team with only several members, we have evolved into a company employing more than 3,000 realty advisors. The clients love us because we have an established reputation for providing superb services in leasing, resale, and project marketing. Our consultants are there to help you with any of your real estate needs ranging from selling, buying, and renting, up to financial planning, relocation, trend forecasts, and so on.

Our Vision – Become a Preferred Marketing Agency

We have a clear goal – we want to become the preferred agency of all clients who are looking for exceptional quality of service, prompt response time, and professionalism in communication and doing the job

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist developers in quickly selling their marketing projects, as well as to help buyers to develop their property portfolio one step at a time, ranging from the starter home up to profitable investment properties.
The foundation of our work lies in three principles:

Carefully listening to the demands and desires of our clients
Identifying the right strategy for the needs of every client
Finding the most attractive deal possible within the agreed timeframe

Our Core Values

Superb Services

Our team always strives to maintain the highest quality of service focused on securing the best outcome for every client.

Improving Ourselves

We believe that the best real estate agents never stop to learn. That is why we invest a lot of time, effort, and other resources into perfecting our professional skills through training.

Honesty and Integrity

The reason why we are considered a premium realty agency is that we maintain our honesty and integrity no matter what. We will always reveal you the exact course of actions for your situation. We will never mispresent clients, properties, or any other facts during a transaction.


Whatever we do at RTD, we do it together. We are proud of having a high level of team spirit and mutual respect among our agents.

Everybody Wins

Our primary goal is to pick the right investment option for our clients and identify an investment that will meet and exceed their expectations. That way everybody wins.

About RTD

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