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Champions Do Things Differently

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, one that is increasingly susceptible to paradigm shifts, how do businesses and self-employed individuals cope? 

When crises like global pandemics collapse the foundations of how numerous industries used to operate, is there hope that ventures can continue running successfully? 

Why is it that many get swept under the wave and are obliterated forever, while a few manage to stay afloat?

The secret is staying relevant and highly resilient. Now that you know this, you could be one of us.

Powerful In-house Digital Marketing Team

RTD prides itself on having a strong marketing team well-equipped with all the right knowledge to help you assist your client in the swift buying and selling of properties. Otherwise, market yourself by elevating your online presence and refining your personal brand.

Premium, Comprehensive Service

Proficiency in both traditional and modern methods, paired with our signature Report System, work in tandem to deliver top-notch, result-centric service to all clients with zero hassle.

Personalised Mentorship

Whether you’re a new RES or an experienced agent, and regardless of what your objectives are, RTD will guide you accordingly and be the catalyst in helping you reach your dreams. Our environment is specially curated to be conducive for fast learning.

Proven Path to Success

Rex Tan holds the highest title in the company as the Executive Group District Director and under his tutelage, RTD is the Top team in Huttons. Yearly, we help associates achieve their annual millionaire dream. This could be you.
About RTD

RTD was concepted in 2010 and built on the pillars of adaptability, integrity, and creativity. Our founder, Rex Tan, is a staunch believer that with the strong implementation of these core values, RTD would always thrive, come what may.

Scores of realtors were sent into a desperate frenzy when Circuit Breaker occurred in April 2020. The restrictions brought along a slew of serious implications: They could not meet their clients like they could in the past, physical viewings were no longer permitted, and interactions were heavily compromised.


Rex Tan

Rex Tan’s passion for real estate extended beyond just homes and helping clients. After some time in the industry, he observed how there was a huge lack of mentorship and synergy between fellow agents. There were reserves of potential growth for everyone if only there was a culture of cohesiveness; once Rex realised this, he sought to become the catalyst for this change.

ASSOCIATES Millionaire
Top Rookie comes from
We have
a full suite of tools and information realtors need
Were you one of them who had their income flow severed?

In contrast, RTD continued to flourish even in the throes of this massive catastrophe, proving Rex’s foresight and prior sentiments right. 

Rex just had to go a step further with RTD’s flexible and innovative culture to keep his brand buoyant during such trying times: He designed a series of micro and macro data-powered residential real estate reports that enabled his associates to close deals in a systematic and effective manner, albeit remotely!

By recognising that he could harness the powers of digitalisation to reinforce his business in a time where technology reigned supreme, Rex had found and incorporated the right solution to fix the mounting problem at hand.     

Today, with over 800 members who have braved the storm and emerged increasingly brilliant thanks to our novel strategies and guidance, RTD is one of the leading Real Estate teams in Singapore. 

Under our mentorship, hundreds of agents have maximised previously untapped potential, scaled new heights, and tasted victory like they never have before. In the past, they never thought that this level of success was possible for them to achieve until they joined our team.

We transform what’s average into excellence. You deserve to rise above the rest with RTD. 

Keen to find out how you can be more? Get in touch with us now.


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